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Business Valuation

Estimate the value and you know everything
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Cost of Equity is extremely sensitive input in every valuation model. Buy this product to solve your problems with your valuation technique. Our approach is simple and comprehensible. 
Basic but still powerful in some cases model for establishing stock value. With this product you get accessible Excel model to calculate the value of your sock.
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The most popular but also very requiring for input data model for valuation. Here we offer you some uncomplicated but detailed Excel model for its application for making your investment decisions.  
One elegant and intelligible model for stock valuation. With few indicators it covers the whole essence of stock value. In this product we develop our simple approach for estimating tangible and franchise value. You get an Excel model to apply the model in your investment and analytical practice. 
Market Analysis
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This model is our favorite because of it deep economic logic. Residual Income Model is very easy to apply and delivers great results when trying to find the best stocks to invest in.
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