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Active Portfolio Investment

Learn how to invest wisely

We believe that being active in our life is what brings the success. Buy our product to get instruction how to be active in investing and what makes the difference with the passive investment. Here you will get for yourself simple and easy to be understood technique how to calculate expected alpha for your investments.

All your data, analysis, models, beliefs, sentiments, feelings about the stocks give some information which can be transferred in alpha. Here you will understand where alpha comes from. Buy our product to know how to use the magic tool of scoring for your active investments.

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Here we share our know-how in active investment procedure. Buy this product to learn how we apply step by step active investment in very elegant and simple manner. Following our procedure you will be able to pick best stocks and estimate by yourself their alphas.   

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Efficiency of the portfolio is a crucial paradigm of modern investments. Active portfolios should also be constructed in efficient way. Of course, the main approach here is optimization. Buy our product to develop your skills in optimizing your active portfolio.

Optimization usually is a challenge for investors.If you are beginner in econometrics and programming our product  is exactly for you. It can help you to apply main portfolio optimization models without deep background in both areas.

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