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We are academic research group that works in the field of finance and more specifically wealth management. After successful experience in applying theoretical models in practical asset management we are currently dedicated to providing better research and education in our field. We have developed a successful model for transferring knowledge between research and education. The model consists of: (1) developing research projects, (2) testing the results in investment practice and (3) using this experience in creating educational content. 

Our Mission

Add value for all market participant by either developing new models for asset management or bringing the existing models to more understandable and applicable level. By doing this, we are effectively filling the gap between investment industry and the individual investor on the emerging markets.

Our Goal

We believe that knowledge is the foundation of every human activity. Knowledge leads people to fulfill their goals much more effectively. Our core values are based on the understanding that the more investors are informed on how their wealth is being managed, the better decisions are made and therefore the markets operate much more efficiently and add value to the society. Based on this our goal is to make investors (mainly individual, but also institutional) more informed about the methods that are applied for managing their wealth.

Meet Our Team

Plamen Patev, Ph.D

Plamen Patev is a researcher and academic teacher with strong interest in investment field.  His research area is active portfolio management, investment risk management, portfolio selection.  His background is a perfect combination between academia and investment practice. He has been teaching for most than 20 years in Europe and now in Taiwan. His courses in Portfolio Selection and Portfolio management, Investment Management and Corporate Finance are well recognized among investment professionals. Plamen has rich experience in asset management industry. He has served as a Head portfolio manager, CEO, CFO and Chairman of board of several investment and asset management companies in Eastern Europe.Plamen successfully unites research, education and investment practice: Real problems of investment practice are scrutinized and are a base for deep research projects; the results from research directly are applied in teaching activities.


Kaloyan Petkov, Ph.D

Kaloyan Petkov is a up-and-coming researcher in the investment field.  His research interests are active portfolio management, risk management, and financial analysis, while his dissertation is aimed at solving the issues with required rate of return in the context of global markets. He has experience as a researcher at Vilnius University in studying econometric modelling for active portfolio management. Kaloyan has won a prize for his work in the field of international finance and several major scholarship. His work is often recognized with honors at research events. He is dedicated to the development of better tools for asset management based on research work. Kaloyan is very successful at bridging the gap between investment research and practice with implementing research-oriented approach to solve day-to-day issues of investors. His experience is perfect match for the goals of our team.

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Participated in Top-level investment conference in Hanoi,Vietnam



Launched our presence on social media and started sharing our knowledge







Started as student research team

Published our first research paper in "Journal of Wealth Management"

Launched our web platform

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